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January 20, 2016, 8:09 am
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Dear Anne,

Remember the time you asked me to help you drag some old furniture out of your condo? Instead of trying to muscle it down the cramped back stairwell, we decided to launch the mattress and box-spring over the third story railing…remember how loud they crashed!!?? We ran laughing down the icy stairs, and dragged them over the brick wall before any of your neighbors came out yelling and cursing. What about the time we met up at Hopleaf, got blitzed on Belgian doubles and talked for hours about life and swapped travel stories, or going to your friend’s burlesque show and marveling at the oddity of the crowd. And then there were the countless weekend texts I got from you of funny horse pics. In every one of those memories you have that classic Anne smile, befitting the witty intelligence behind your kind and feisty eyes. With such memories, how am I now supposed to cope with thoughts of your brutal murder?

You were the first friend I made after moving to Chicago. I will never forget the comfort of your infectious smile, or being startled by your spunky demeanor. I hope writing this letter will help me somehow process, or move on from, the emotional roller-coaster and wreckage descending upon me since learning of your untimely death. After reading the news reports of how they found you, I have been nauseous, barely functional and severally brought to tears; my faith in humanity shaken.

Anne, I will never forget you. May your soul rest with utmost peace and serenity…and may the souls of us left behind find some measure of peace in the wake of this horrific tragedy.

Your friend always and forever,



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