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December 17, 2015, 9:58 pm
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“What?! You don’t have a cell phone?!”

“What?! You quit another job?!”

“What?! You don’t live anywhere?!”

Life as a cultural deviant has been and continues to be an interesting experience. It’s one I’ve grown fond of, despite the sweeping pendulum of ups and downs inherent to a path which questions and often rejects most facets of ‘normalcy’. This personal quest has elicited an emotionally unpredictable spectrum; smatterings of simple, peaceful bliss, self-deprication, regret, excitement, exploration, disappointment, satiation, longing and omni-present desires to better myself have been the order of this journey. A journey pursuant of one agenda…ultimate freedom.

There have and will continue to be real and perceived sacrifices made, changes of priority, changes of lifestyle, lessons learned, successes and failures. I suspect the level of self-imposed marginalization will decrease over time, and at some point my gypsy spirit will naturally settle into a custom-made life and lifestyle orbiting a nucleus of ethics and practices truly engendering the values of freedom I so relentlessly seek. To that end I once again, after so long a lapse, take up pen and embark on this next season of blogging.


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