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Here we go again…not too surprising (knowing me)
March 6, 2014, 6:58 am
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The feelings return…long faded and blurred by the rose-colored lens of time and my optimism, are, once again, coming back in to focus. I’m starting to feel like a caged animal. It was the thought and hope of myself and my recruiter that a ‘better’ ship would bridge the gap of acceptability to my incessant and unsatiable need for unrestricted mobility. Unfortunately this has not proved to be the case. This ship is treating me very well…my accommodations and privelages are just about as good as anyone could ask for. My spa team is incredibly friendly and supportive, and every day it seems I make a new friend onboard. Why then is my overly developed autonamous nature lacking in satisfaction? Why does the inner gypsy rebel? Freedom…the corporate nature of my job and the spatial necessity of living on a small floating town of iron…both combine to take away the one thing I cannot live without, all other factors aside…freedom.

So now is the time to ask many questions…ponder answers…conceive of possibilities. Endure for the sake of commitment and income potential, while my soul slowly dies? Cut ties and go back to gypsy life until I find my niche? Be radical and create another adventure? Follow my heart with reckless abandon? Follow my ambition, come what may?

Ship life suits many personality types…those who need security…those who like rigid structure…those who have nowhere else to go…those who want to live with an air of avantgard with minimal risk. Ship life does not suit the free spirits, mischief makers, boundary pushers, those who give zero shits about social propriety and assuaging the pompous expectations of fellow mortals. Why am I back here?

Stay tuned…something’s gotta give, and it will either be my sanity (which would among other things entail frequent drownings in ethanol bliss) or my job.


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Dan, in the final analysis, life is what you make it and nothing and no one can know better than you what makes your particular life the best it could be. Do what you need to do!

Comment by irina

Dan, hang in there. Enjoy the best bits. Ignore the crap Cheers Michael & Vanessa. P.S. Don’t forget your bottles Calvi and Pommeau Cheers

Comment by Michael Pritchard

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