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Another precipice…
June 9, 2013, 10:56 pm
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Like a chain-smoker, I mow down one asparagus stick after another. Between the nutritionally void ship food (even more than normal this past week…seriously, no fresh fruit, except bruised bananas), and my nightly whiskey fiascos, my body was screaming for phytonutrients! When I passed the Tesco down by St. Paul’s Cathedral I went a little crazy in the produce section. Eleven pounds, sixty pence later, I walk out with a bag of apples, rasberries, asparagus, organic grapes, cherry tomatoes, and a gleam of excitement in my eyes; across and up the street a bit from the store I plop down on the sidewalk outside of a closed coffee shop (whose wifi is still on…and unlocked) and began my produce binging. Rasberries…ravaged. Cherry tomatoes…ravaged. And now the asparagus. Fresh produce has never tasted so good, and this isn’t what I would ordinarily deem ‘quality’ stuff. Many people walk by, mostly groups of younger folk on their way to dinner or parties…I don’t notice their activity to my usual degree of attentiveness, but when I do odd looks are thrown my way. Something about a guy sitting on the sidewalk chewing on raw asparagus with a huge grin apparently raises an eyebrow in London.

The breeze is picking up and starting to chill through my base-layer thermal. It is refreshing though. This quiet moment is nice. The frenetic maze of the underground tube system was overwhelming, in a good way, but certainly necessitating a break. I got lost train-hopping, and wound up changing my original route to the airport. But here I am now, at peace. My mind wanders backwards over the course of the day: the scenic bus ride from Southampton to London, showcasing intense, vibrant newer green foliage of England’s spring…the fields in bloom with a fluorescent-yellowish flower making the landscape look as if it was covered in an alienesque peach fuzz, backdropped by occasional stands of trees. My mind goes back further to saying last goodbyes…choking back tears a couple of times. I don’t know if anyone picked up on it, but my emotions were almost to a rolling boil. Drifting back further to last night’s cabin party…who could fathom packing twelve people in a six foot by nine foot metal box, blasting music with copious amounts of vodka and cake. Definitely memorable. 

But here I am now, wholeheartedly entranced in a feeling of freedom to go anywhere and do anything…having a loose schedule with minimal timelines…an itch for adventure with just enough temperance to balance…and at the moment, a breeze through my hair, and a stalk of asparagus in my hand.

Welcome to the next chapter: wandering Dan is back…


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Great vivid description!! I know exactly how you felt. Boo for bruised bananas!!!

Comment by Merlin Williams

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