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January 9, 2013, 8:19 pm
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It seems I’m writing less and less about the places I’m visiting, and more and more about my mental and emotional transitions along the way. For now I guess this is just how it is. Hopefully the pictures I take along the way satiate the vicarious expectations of my friends and family. Today my heart is at peace. Not a state of blissful peace, like waking up in the arms of a lover, but more a contemplative peace, recognizing the transient nature of life and accepting the ebbs and flow of the river…its challenges and moments of respite. For most of my life I’ve lived in my head, so when I can snap out it long enough to capture the beauty of the world around me, the scene is inspiring: the smell of fresh cut grass, catching a perfect left-breaking wave, smooth Venezuelan chocolate melting down my throat, the serenity of riding a motorcycle in the mountains, the company of loved ones. Of all the beauties in life, the last on the list is by far of most importance to me. These have been my thoughts of late. Memories and images…it is how I define my life. I feel fortunate to have left on my trails of travel no ill feelings in this category; to do so would epitomize how I define tragedy. Although I occassionally sadden by the transiency of life, especially in respect to dear friendships, my heart brightens when I look around me day to day and realize I am always surrounded by love…whether next door or on the other side of the world. This facet of life is what brings me peace. I suppose this is one reason being an acupuncturist suits me well…when people come seeking help there are few, if any barriers to their soul. Last week an 82-year old man approached me after a seminar. While I was presenting, his gaze was a narrowed one…almost laser-like. You can imagine how caught off guard I was when he asked me if acupuncture could help him manage the grief of recently losing his companion of 25 years to cancer. He asked me this, choking through tears, right there in the middle of the room…my eyes involuntarily began to glass over. Here was a man who is on the tail end of life, bearing his soul to me, asking if I could help him. We had a moment…a real moment of heartfelt exchange. It is through moments like these I wish to define my life. Tai often told me the protective barriers I put up were nigh impenetrable…she was right, and in that state of life my happiness, or the superficial and fleeting semblance thereof, was manufactured. Today, after years of reflection and nurturing friendships, I can say without any hesitancy those barriers, in the company of honest and vulnerable exchange, can come down in a moments notice…and in such a state, real life can be lived. I crave more of those moments…


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Dan, i have missed reading your blogs and knowing where you are, at least approximately, geographically and emotionally.
Thank you. Irina

Comment by irina

Lovely reflections, Daniel, thank you for sharing 🙂 Snapshots are wonderful, but the journey of your soul interests me far more than your travels! I am so thankful that your trails are happy ones 😉 Love you ❤

Comment by Tamera

I am so glad you are at peace, since for that is what we all strive. I have learned, that in the presence or experience of tragedy, is when people shed their walls and show their true self, since at such pain, there is nothing to hide anymore. And it was at that same time I’ve realized, that being so open also meant, you let life in. And you will experience people are wonderful, and give love.

Comment by Melinda Molnar

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