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Even the dirt…is clean!
December 2, 2012, 1:11 pm
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It is cool but not cold, a fresh breeze offshore adds its own touch of elegance to this near perfect day. The air is clean, the water is clean…even the dirt…is clean! Okay, pardon the Bill & Ted throwback, but Monaco may perhaps be the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited. Nothing is amiss here…jaw dropping awe every which way I turn my head. Even the dogs here are better groomed than most people; ofcourse the drooling saint bernard in the back seat of that funny jeep-looking thing zipping past me is less than attractive, but nonetheless, it is a well-maintained drool beast. Hands down, this place not only has money…it IS money, no joke. Within a three block radius I pass a Ferrari & Maserati dealership, followed by a Rolls Royce dealer. As I gaulk at the beautiful machines behind the glass a Bentley roars by.


Unfortunately today is Sunday, and three quarters of the town is shut down, including the money exchanges…and ofcourse, unlike some of the more desperate ports in the Mediterranean, noone here takes American money. So after asking a hundred people if any place is open, I resign myself to the fact that the dineros in my left pocket will avail me nothing, and I will have to judiciously spend the seven Euro in my right pocket. This leaves me with a lot of time to walk and stare at the abundant beauty of this two square mile country. Works for me. I run in Miri from the ship outside the famous Monte Carlo casino. She is assisting one of the guest tours. Her description of the interior makes me doubly regret not having Euros, both for the entrance fee and to play a couple hands of casino 21. It’s okay…I’ll be back here for sure, either next time we port, on a motorcycle trip, or however else I can swing it. I love this place…and will definitely move here if opportunity ever presents. As I walk down main and side streets, I imagine how this place comes alive in the spring and summer on weekends. Must be crazy! Adjacent to one of the best farmers markets I’ve ever walked through…with vegetal varieties I’ve never seen nor heard of (which I must say is a pretty impressive feat), is a line of cafes and bakeries. Sitting outside, observing the people and general splendor of the scene, I slowly munch on a demi-pizza, resisting successfully the temptation to all out devour it. The prince’s palace is in the backdrop up the hill…a nice touch to the scenery. Since there’s no Wifi here, I pick up my book and start working through the pages, every once in a while glancing up and smiling at the thought…I’m in Monaco!



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