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it’s all Greek to me…
October 11, 2012, 11:44 am
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It’s been a long time since a beer tasted so good…it’s not even a great beer, but damn…I need it! After two days of living in airports and planes with only fragments of poor-quality sleep, I am on edge…and I stink. On the plane ride from New York to Athens I washed out the armpits of my shirt and lathered myself in pure tea tree oil, because I was offending myself. Other than no sleep though, the last plane ride was nice…free movies and plenty of space. I really didn’t have to go through customs…there was just a cute, crabby blonde who stamped my passport while refusing to smile. First step was to get some euros…big mistake waiting to get them at the airport here, I got taken to the cleaners on their fees. Somehow my cash stash dwindled to next to nothing anyway…guess I was a little to liberal in my spending the last few days. Now with some euros I can go to the post on the other side of the hallway and buy a calling card. Bam, done. Next I needed to get online to get the phone numbers of my potential couch-surfing hosts…I scanned for a power outlet. Oh shit, my cord won’t plug in here. Alrighty then, time to walk over to the store and see if they have a cheap one. eight euros, not cheap…the cash dwindles further. After battling the weak internet in the airport, I finally get their numbers and call. After figuring out how the phone works, which takes about five dialings, I get what I assume was a voicemail…but I’m not sure since I don’t speak greek. So I leave a message, or at least I think I do. Next host-potential is Tonia, and she answered…yeah! But she has to work until six or seven tonight, and is willing to hang out, but not solidly committing on letting me crash. Understandable, but given the fact that I’m toting around over a hundred pounds of luggage, I really don’t want to sight see around Athens unless I can stash my shit somewhere. I got back online to investigate bus and train routes, then went on a walk-about to see how much it would cost. Sarryh was right, everything is so expensive in Europe, even a struggling country like Greece. Finally deciding to take a bus to Piraeus (instead of walking, which I almost did, and would have been a huuuuuge mistake), instead of Athens, I pay the five euro and hop on. I have no connections in Piraeus, noone ever got back to me from couch-surfing from that town. And since I’m basically broke, won’t be staying at the hotel Steiner reserved (but left me to pay). The sandman got me on the bus, I couldn’t stay awake to save my life…kinda like half my classes from school. Away from the airport the English subtext disappears, so everything is literally ‘all Greek to me’. From where the bus driver drops me off, I walk a good three quarters of a mile towing my luggage through crazy greek traffic. Finally I reach the terminal the ships are at…so at least now I know where they are. And I find an internet cafe! I plug in, hoping to remain unnoticed…but winds up there’s a waiter guy who services this seating area. To keep the peace I order the local beer…like I said, not great but very satisfying. But like everything else, also expensive (or at least it seems so since my current economic status is about on par with the country I am in…how fitting). So now I’m sitting here, with my luggage…and five euros to my name. Maybe I’ll find some secluded and cozy place to doze off tonight, because I doubt I’ll be able to stay up all night. We’ll see…adventure already abounds.


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LOL Sounds like a wonderful start to an amazing adventure to me Dan!!! I can’t wait to live this adventure vicariously through you! Be safe and enjoy yourself!!! Good luck with your first day on the job hun!

Comment by Beckie Chen

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