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makeshift camping
October 7, 2012, 11:02 pm
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Candidly I pour water from the gallon jug into the narrow-necked opening of the craft beer bottle, then set it on the outskirts of the campfire to heat up…Warm ginger tea sounds very inviting, and this trick worked for heating water for our cup of noodles last night. Ofcourse since we don’t have utensils, let alone a pot to cook water on this impromptu camping excursion, I found myself widdling chopstics out of local twigs scavenged in the dark to eat the noodle/intestinal glue entree. Breakfast this morning consists of apples we pirated from the outskirts of a horse coral yesterday, along with some late season blackberries we picked in a clearing off the highway…that made my day! I love fresh blackberries! We also have some almonds, the overcooked chocolate chip cookies Katherine sent with us, and…a small jar of bee pollen, probably was Renee’s, but ‘somehow’ made it into our road-trip survival box. Yea for breakfast! Despite the small fire, some food and four layers of clothes, I’m still cold here on the southern Oregon coast. I lasted less than three hours sleeping with the survival blanket, in fact probably closer to two…I would fall asleep, then wake up twenty minutes later shivering…find a position to get warm, or just push through it, fall asleep again, then repeat the cycle. At midnight I said screw it, hopped in the car, turned it on and cranked on the heat…then repeated the cycle, only on an hourly schedule: get nice and toasty, turn off the car, go to sleep, wake up an hour later shivering when it got cold again…repeat. Donovan hopped in the car too, he made it until five a.m., but he also had a survival bag…and he’s a walking furnace.


This northwest tour has been filled with breathtaking beauty. Thinking back to staying with Matt and Elise in their Washington forest cabin-like house, running on the roads and ‘trails’ out there, to hiking up Multnomah falls on our way into Portland, to amazing views at the wineries we visited in Dundee and outside of Eugene, and now to our coastal descent back toward San Francisco. It has been a green heaven, complete with crisp clean air. Granted we hit the Pacific Northwest fall during ideal weather, with no rain…I call that a miracle in itself.


The water finally boils, and I pull the Ninkasi double red ale bottle out of the fire with Donovan’s dirty boot sock…it’s the closest thing to me. I thought about using my scarf, but it’s cashmere wool…that ain’t happening.


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