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chocolate bridges
October 7, 2012, 11:01 pm
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A bar of excellent chocolate and a wine-buzz can close a lot of gaps in making new friends. This is the second winery Zori has taken us to…I don’t even remember what it’s called, but the first one was named ‘Sweetcheeks’. We had fun with that one. This winery, although down the hill and hence not as nice a view, has a live band, better wine, is not crowded and has a much more fun atmosphere. Did I mention the samplings at both these wineries are free?!? Inhibitions are fastly disappearing with the complimentary three samplings somehow turning into five, then six, then seven…I don’t even know what I’m drinking now, but my glass keeps getting a new pour. I busted out the Francois Pralus single origin Venezuelan that Sateko gifted me at Cacao the other day, as a going away present. That was very sweet of her… This chocolate is an amazing compliment to the Pinot we tried a bit ago, and I now sip what tastes like a cab…confirmed…and break it out again. A few minutes later, out of the corner of my eye, I see the group next to us being poured the Cabernet. Somewhat rudely, or at least untoward, I barge into their conversation and insist they try it with the chocolate…instant friends. My interest in people never changes much, but my ability to litter them with questions seems to increase with a high enough blood/ethanol ratio in my veins. I learn all about Erin and that she’s going to medical school and wants to go into primary care. And her dog, Frankie, a blonde labrador, becomes my buddie right away. Adam has been riding motorcycles as long as me, and is on the verge of launching a web business. Heather was the first of the group to move to Eugene, four years ago, and her, Alex and Adam are all from midstate Illinois…Erin is from Florida. Now how I remember this with all the wine and forthcoming stout I will imbibe later at the generica sports bar (that felt like being catapulted to somewhere in the midwest) is actually quite impressive, at least to me. Conversation shifts from the pouring room to the lawn in front where the classic rock cover band is playing. I bounce back and forth between the two groups until they close and we have to leave…and I’m feeling good! Somewhere on the way back Zori pulls over so we can look at the stars. Before I worry about that though I really have to pee, and for some reason decide it has to be on the corner post of this farm’s white picket fence…mission accomplished. We all lay down and drunkenly gaze at the milky way…stunning…once again, I gotta say: I love my gypsy life! The other bar is kind of a blur…I remember having some deep conversations with Alec, but are both so drunk at this point we can’t even stay on point, which is too bad, because there were some golden threads of philosophy…I think?


I swear it’s a skateboarder going down the walkway outside the apartment that wakes me up at five thirty in the morning. What the hell? Then again the other way…a minute later the same thing. After five minutes I jump off the air mattress, go outside wearing only my cornholio boxers and a t-shirt, ready to thump some inconsiderate punk-ass kid…so you can understand how I feel like a total dumb-ass when I see the noise culprit, a misaimed sprinkler pounding the window and siding. Laughing, I go back inside, fully empty the almost-empty pasta sauce jar from lunch yesterday, go back out in my skivvies, and stick the jar over the offender. Problem solved.



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