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August 24th & 25th…Some Other World
August 27, 2011, 6:49 pm
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Having not gotten to bed until nearly 3am, I am a little bummed to wake up at 6…the sun is shining, the bugs are biting…I am up. It’ll be one of those napping days. Getting up, putting on my board shorts, I then walk the 40 feet of beach to the tidepool. When I am still for a couple minutes, a few different reef fish swim around my feet. One looks like a clown fish, only with yellow stripes instead of orange. The other is fairly camouflaged with the sand at the bottom. After a few minutes of this surreal bliss, I decide to take a stroll down the beach…and when I get back, am really feeling the need for a nap. Saerah is still asleep, so I quietly poke around my bag for the acupuncture needles, take them to the “living room”, and do a little self-treatment. Here I am, in a lawn chair on the beach, in the Caribbean, full of needles. Before long I am out. This is the flavor of the day…napping, reading pirate history, taking a cold shower (because Saerah’s hot water hasn’t been turned on yet), snacking on edamame, watching Saerah prepare and brew some beer, chatting with a couple of her friends who stop by, and, ofcourse…drinking; all with the sounds of Caribbean waves rhythmically breaking on the coral beds and the humid salty air. I have no desire to go anywhere or do anything…just veg out right here, so I do. Be it my lack of sleep last night or the copious alcohol, I pass out around 9…and when I wake up at midnight, notice all the brewing is finished…and it appears Saerah was able to compensate for my botching up her brew in my drunken stupor when I put in the wrong hops. I’m surprised she isn’t more pissed…at least she likes strong hoppy beers! Time to crash again…expecting more of the same manana.

Up again before anyone else, I repeat yesterday’s ritual of dipping in the tidepool and taking a walk on the beach. Everything else about the day seems identical to yesterday, except Saerah goes to work and I head in to Christainsted. I want to see how far I can make it taking the coastline in…and have no idea where that may lead me. For a while, everything is easy, just strolling on the beach…the terrain gets a little more interesting after I have to cross the first creek. There are several abandoned cars on the otherside, which I can’t see until right up on them…rusted, vandalized…left for dead. Interesting. I keep going…having to scale and walk on short retaining walls at times, step over some ‘warning – do not cross’ yellow tape, but mostly just on the beach. Then I come to where I figure might be the end of the road…a huge piece of abandoned machinery…I think it is anyway…jetting out from the jungle to about 30 feet into the water. Eyes fixated on this awesome rusted pile of iron, I don’t see the older woman sitting down at my right, until I smell cigarette smoke and turn to look. Here sits a woman in her late 60’s or 70’s, sitting on a board wedged between two trees, cigarette in hand and walking cane leaning against the board.  There is no reason anyone should be here…there is nothing except this rust-piece around (never mind the fact that I am there) I am a little startled, yet still manage the customary ‘good afternoon’. After asking the woman if this part of the beach is passable, she tells me in a strong Crucian accent, “you muss be cayful…dis ahr-ea be condemned…you ken walk, but be cayful!”  Sweet, it’s passable!  Thanking the lady and moving into the jungle to get around the old machinery, I hear one more time at my back, “you muss be cayful!” Except for having to cut right through the backyard of St. Croix’s projects at the end of the walk, the rest of the adventure stroll was smooth going. Reaching the boardwalk after a surprisingly short 45 minute stroll, I order a beer at Angry Nate’s and wait for the Captain to show up. After beer number two and a stroll down the boardwalk, I finally find him to chat about the sailing trip. He tells me he will be leaving Friday at midnight for a night sail. Hmmmm…not sure how I feel about that. Then I let him know I don’t have my passport with me. Another problem. The offer still stands, but I am less motivated. Pulling an all-nighter is certainly not my forte, especially if I’m supposed to be crewing a boat. A little disappointed, I head back to Hibiscus beach, the same way I came. Feeling lazy and unmotivated, I spend the early evening deep in thought…then retire early, asleep before Saerah comes back from work.


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