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Agust 20th – Nght nad day!!!
August 23, 2011, 1:12 pm
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first & Foremost, I’m wirting this drunk off me ass! rum is ceheaper here than coco cola! amen for rum! Tooday Joe tkaes me on a tour de eisland! everything i couldn’t see from walking around i get to see toady…we drive everywhere..moertst notabley drake’s seat..where sir franics drake would sit an d waint for hisnext prey to plunder. i remember someone tole me on my moms dise of the family i was ralated to sir fanrcis drake…how frekain aweome s would taht be!!!! thats like celebrtyi statesus here! after fooookn mamaazing scnic veiws of magen’s bay and othr west islnad shheeeoot, ewe headt o havensight…joe needs some reaplceament gitare gtsintgsr, and we bot neeed some lunch…foookn hungrmy!!! duede…i ate dis huuuge fookn buerger tha was dman near big as me heaRDD!!!! SERIORASLY, IT WAS FOOOKN HUUUUUGE… serious stommacn hace for hours…. on ways to airport, one of jhesoes frienssds ihas a flat rtire…so i do the good guyu hingt and replace her flant…what can i sayll…im a genlmnte…or sommteintgh~! i foookn lose me foookn phone at da airport, nearlky shite me pants!!! plnae reide is cooo…short, but i soooo jnmissss small aiorplanes\…toatlly wnat to starh lfyling aginas! at ariport once landede…no bus….taxis arip off…so i start fwwallklking…did diduide n his wiffey pick me up and tkde me the 10 milse to christainsted…wouldnve ben a 3 houru hwwalk other siwse, but i was toatlly ready to hoof it! i met up with hannah (courch surfing host) at here cwork… we arae in a sormt watch eheree, and i wnader around toen while she finishes up her chsifft, them ewe go o t a loclla bar to a wogingoing away partuy for a coplepu pilots woh are going back tgo de satestres necxt week. it is prety cool…but poilots are a weior boucnhch.. they tinghk becasue i’m couch-surfing we are atuomatically sleeoping toegehteter…so sticgmea is already wswet….islanders…whateves! the rains pick up toniete with teinehe oncomeing sotoroerm…i cant riwrwt em roe….must slerrrpoeeepp…..but must sayya, dist place iss fomcompletyely diferent from st tonhhomas…compaleltye didffetentretnt!


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