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Last chapter closed with a tear…next chapter opened with a smile
August 18, 2011, 2:51 pm
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Shock, I suppose, would be the most fitting description when we learned two days ago the house was going on the market in two weeks…we all knew is was forthcoming, but were not expecting the accelerated timeline. Polar opposite emotions take the best of me now. On one hand, I feel exhilerated as I pack my bags to fly to the Caribbean tonight, a trip years in the dreaming and months in the planning. On the other hand, sadness hits me as I realize this will be my last day at the Vesper house. Donovan is tearing up the remaining carpet in the hallway as I pack boxes and load up the car. Pausing to get a few things out of the garage, I take a stroll through the back yard. Everywhere I look springs forth a memory: scottish demolition, digging sprinkler trenches, countless hours building and rebuilding the garden, bonfires, parties, parlor catan, family, friends…I can’t hold the tears back now. Although we’ve been able to lighten the mood of the day by interspersing work with beer, Beavis & Butthead and Southpark reruns, now it is time to embrace the sadness. Preparing a cognac boilermaker, I think of the most appropriate sad song fitting to the occassion, and pull it up on YouTube: Boyz 2 Men’s ‘It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye’. We toast the end of the Vesper reign, down the drinks, and listen to the depressing song. I try to go back to work packing, but have no heart. We play more songs, all the while trading bottles of Grey Goose and Chartreuse back and forth. Eventually we migrate to the back patio to smoke a cigar and sip some Henessey. I finally need a break from sad songs…need something uplifting…ahhh…ofcourse, Mariah! Within minutes we are on top of the jacuzzi cover dancing and singing along to ‘Make it Happen’, ‘Someday’, and many more of Mariah’s greatest hits; the Chartreuse bottle makes a great microphone. The mini-pact we just made to kill the Chartreuse before I left was probably a bad idea…the sweetness of this lovely french liqeour hides the 110 proof fairly well.  As the corner of my eye caught one of our leftover lawn-twister spraypaint cans sitting on top of the washing machine, alcohol-induced inspiration prompts me to write ‘deez nuts’ on the lawn…so I did. Then Donovan wrote something and drew a picture of a nas (squirrel). Within a half-hour the entire backyard was tagged with pictures and captions of 3 years worth of memories. One memory of our backyard workouts prompted us to take the wheelchair out for the 1/2 mile loop around the block one more time…alternating…one pushed while the other walked beside with the cigar and glass of cognac. Culminating with a hell of a crash-landing we are greeted by Katie & Amanda, and soon after Rahab and Westley. Darkness is setting in…the Chartreuse pact fulfilled…and my head is spinning. I don’t know how long I spend in the bathroom bowing to the porcelain god, crumpling up on the floor, and then in the shower, in a weak attempt to get myself ready to fly four thousand miles. All the while the crew is packing my travel bag…finally the time comes to leave. Emerging from the bathroom wet but not really clean, both feet spraypainted blue, pale as hell, putting back on grape and dirt stained shorts, I am led out of the house and to the car. Jazmine and Gemma are back now, and along with Donovan and Rahab escort me to the airport. I spend most of the ride curled over, eyes closed, trying to get it together…of which I am successful, until we reach the airport terminals and I sit up from my hunched position. Again, I start hurling into the well crafted barf-bag someone made for me. Donovan plays ‘Blue’ by Eiffel 65 as we drive to the Delta terminal…I alternate throwing up and bobbing my head to the music…I’m still shitty drunk. After hugs and goodbyes (why anyone hugs me in this condition is beyond me) I grab my bag and stagger through the doors…putting all my focus on each necessary task to get me on the plane, and trying not to hurl all over some old lady’s suitcase. Eventually I board, find my seat, and collapse…Virgin Islands, here I come…


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Oh, Dan. Didn’t I teach you anything about the water consumption? Have a great time!

Comment by irina

This is the saddest thing I have ever read.

Comment by Amanda

I agree with Amanda this is very depressing but also beautifully written. I’m gonna miss ya Dan

Comment by CJay Jones

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