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We call it: Club Trubel
April 10, 2011, 6:18 pm
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Sometimes raucaus, sometimes quiet and tame...friends and strangers gather to celebrate...celebrate what? Life, friendship, acknowledging good days, commiserating bad ones...all of which rate the near instantaneous transfer of Chateau Vesper into Club Trubel: disco ball on...iTunes playing Donovan's party mix, a blend of hip-hop, 80's classics, 90's alternative, and some random tunes you will hear nowhere else...like the spider-man song, and when I can sneak it in unnoticed, Snoop Dogg's version of The Night Before Christmas. Rock-band is not making an appearance tonight, but the ever-present beer-pong table inevitably is set up, and once the crowd bores of flip cup, the endless string of pong games commence.  I'm pretty sure D and Amanda are still undefeated tonight, they take this stuff seriously. They've cycled through every opponent yet to face them. Rahab and John were the first wave to come over tonight, with nine of their friends in succession...a couple of which I knew from parties past.  Cindy is munching on what can best be described as a rice-crispie style bar made out of captain crunch, infused with some potent smelling indica.   Cases of cheap bear, rapidly becoming random islands of empty cans (the main fuel of the drinking games) litter the dining table, along with tonight's successful culinary experiment: jalapeno hummus. People are playing some superhero fighting game on the PS3...just watching it makes me dizzy: some kind of super dog with a fire-chain is whipping Captain America and the Incredible Hulk. I have to look away... Ambient noise level increasing, and Katie oscillates between napping and texting on the arm chair, all the while general intoxication is increasing; not mine though, although the low level buzz/high is definitely affecting my cognitive aptitude.   These pita chips are freaking amazing, but drying my mouth out something fierce! Past 1am now, and I am beyond tired.   Maybe I'll crash soon, since I do have two fnals yet this coming week, neither of which I've studied for.   I saw my earplugs in a drawer today, which will hopefully buffer the noise of this all-night intended shin-dig.

The light switch for my bedroom is outside of my door, in the hallway...so when at 3:30 a stumbling drunk party guest backs into it, blaring overhead halogens snap me right awake...briefly creating a boot-camp flashback.  Everything is winding down now...since I'm not feeling incredibly social, head instead to the garage and check the 2nd fridge to see if grandpa Dave has restocked his Klondike bar habit since returning from his road trip up north...yes!!! he has, and help myself to one...I eat it outside though, so as not to be rude...when I get back in people are starting to leave.  T'was a tame evening, comparatively.  Nothing appears to be broken.  The first crew to arrive is the last to leave, after which D and I finish off Mike's blueberry mead, call the evening a success, and scuttle off to bed...


PS: The title 'Club Trubel' may require a brief explanation.  'Trubel' is one of my anthropomorphic creations designed by myself and brought into physical being by Tai.  He has recently acquired the nickname 'banana-ghost'.  Having taken on a life of his own, Trubel now is our home's iconic symbol of mischief and fun...one of the resident party gods.


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Hey me and katie stopped their winning streak!

Comment by Wes

fun night fo sho

Comment by Wes

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