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Long-term docking…
April 9, 2011, 7:23 am
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I was inspired to revisit this, my long lost blog…two and a half years of proverbial dust has accumulated on its pages, each speck representing an experience, a memory that could have been captured for the enjoyment and possible edification of others, but wasn’t.  Truly a shame, since in these past couple and a half years I have grown, learned, and experienced what feels like several lifetime’s worth of joys, sorrows and adventures.  These specks of dust have shaped me, guided me…memories are flooding through my mind right now, part of me wishing I could jot them all down and write about them in retrospect…another part of me shaking my head at the futility of such an endeavor.   However, what I can feasibly aspire to is no longer letting the dust settle, but rather allow life’s experiences to percolate in my mind…through my fingers….and onto this long, almost forgotten blog.  Perhaps I will look through old pictures and create a ex-post-facto collage of thoughts to accompany them…for memory’s sake.  Either way, I welcome back previous readers, and welcome new ones…WanderingDan is back!!! =)




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